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    • DRVS73W
    Child Lock

    Child Lock

    The child lock option can be activated to prevent little fingers from playing around with the buttons and knobs.



    Official partner of… I choose how dry I want my clothes

    OptiSense® technology in your Beko tumble dryer optimises the drying cycle, so you don’t need to guess how long your clothes will take to dry. 3 smart sensors let you choose how dry you want your clothes and stop the dryer when that level of dryness is achieved. Damp or dry, your wish is our command.

    General Features
    Product color White
    Energy Efficiency Class (DR) C
    Drying Rack No
    Buzzer Cancel/Activate Yes
    Steam (DR) No
    Drum Material (DR) Coated
    Handle Type (DR) Standard
    Standart Colors (DR) Standard
    Annual Energy Consumption 513.8 kWh
    LED/Icon Color (DR) Green-NA
    Top Plate Type Sheet
    Program Follower (DR) Yes
    Side Wall Type (DR) Standard
    Number of Programs (DR) 15
    Display Type (DR) LED
    Sound Power Level dB(A) 66 dBA
    Time Delay (DR) 3-6-9
    Drum Light No
    Water Tank Full Indicator No
    Condenser Cleaning Indicator (LED) No
    Filter Cleaning Indicator Yes
    Direct Drain No
    Built Under Kit Yes
    Cable Length (DR) Standard 1,5m
    Energy Regulation New
    Auto Program No
    Panel Printing Language (DR) English
    Cabinet (DR) 54
    Capacity (kg) (DR) 7
    Door Opening Angle (DR) 155
    Energy Consumption at 1000 Rpm (DR) 9999.0 kWh
    Total Power (W) 2200
    Drum Volume (lt) (DR) 104
    Number of Adjustable Feet 2
    Fuse (A) (DR)  13 A
    Weighted programme time of the standard cotton programme at full and partial load Tt (min) 106 min
    Energy consumption of the standard cotton programme at partial load (kWh) 2.4 kWh
    Platform (DR) Terra
    Auxiliary Function-1 No
    VDE Code C927A2
    Heater Power 2000 W
    Control System (DR) TERRA SENS(3-6-9)
    Woolmark No
    Paddle Type Normal
    Drum pattern (DR) w/o pattern
    Energy consumption of the standard cotton programme at full load (kWh) 4.2 kWh
    Remain Time Display No
    Panel Printing Text
    Child Lock (DR) Yes
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