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    • BIS25500XMS
    • BIS25500XMS
    • BIS25500XMS
    • BIS25500XMS
    • BIS25500XMS
    • BIS25500XMS
    • BIS25500XMS


    Official partner of… the deliciously messy

    Beko Clean Zone™’s revolutionary oleophobic coating technology on glass oven doors resists dirt and grime, the way you resist the idea of scrubbing. Its excellent easy-clean features mean you don’t need to use heavy duty products or spend valuable time and effort cleaning. Go ahead, roast that juicy chicken without fear!

    General Features
    # of standard tray 1
    # of Deep tray 1
    # of Wire rack for side racks 1
    Main Cavity - Side Racks 5 levels
    Main Cavity - Telescopic Pull-out Shelf System 1 Level (Standard)
    Main Cavity - Steam Cleaning Simple steam cleaning
    Main Cavity - Interior Light 1 x Round light (Rear) + 1 x Square light (Right)
    Main Cavity - Inner Light With Door Opening Yes
    Main Cavity Door Lock No
    Main Cavity - Turnspit No
    Main Cavity - Bottom Heating Element Yes
    Main Cavity Catalytic Back Wall Yes
    Main Cavity - Front Door Color Inox
    Main Cavity - Microwave Assisted Cooking No
    Main Cavity - Pyrolytic Self Cleaning System No
    Main Cavity - Steam Assisted Cooking Yes
    Main Cavity - Front Door with Tram Yes
    Main Cavity – Yoghurt Making No
    Main Cavity - Dual Fan No
    Main Cavity Inner Profile Type I shaped Aluminium Profile
    Main Cavity Electric Grill Yes
    Main Cavity Catalytic Side Walls No
    Main Cavity - Door Opening Type Drop down
    Main Cavity - Front Door Design Bottom Profile
    Main Cavity - Cool Door No
    Main Cavity - No. of Front Door Glasses 3
    Main Cavity - Inner Door Type Full Glass (Removable)
    Main Cavity - Tilting Heater No
    Main Cavity - Nano Coating on Inner Glass Yes
    Main Cavity - Odour Filter with Catalysor No
    Main Cavity - Oven Type Multifunctional Cooking
    Main Cavity - Surf No
    Main Cavity – 3D Cooking Yes
    Main Cavity - Booster Yes
    Main Cavity - Defrost Yes
    Main Cavity - Grill Type Electric Grill
    Pyrolytic Self Cleaning No
    Ignition Type (Oven) No
    Meat Probe No
    Cooling Fan Yes
    Steam Cleaning Yes
    Handle Type BH1
    Handle Color Inox (Black support)
    3D Cooking Yes
    Steam Cooking No
    Steam Cooking and Fan No
    Total Electric Power 3100 W
    Color of Product Inox
    Low Grill with Fan No
    Grill with Fan Yes
    Bottom Heating with Fan No
    Top Heating with Fan No
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