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BKS 9220 T
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BKS 9220 T

    • BKS 9220 T
    General Features
    First Production Quantity 1
    Annual Quantity 1
    Voltage (v) 220-240
    Frequency (Hz) 50
    Plug Type European
    Charging unit suitable for wall mounting No
    Light No
    Pet brush No
    Soft Start Motor Protection No
    Thermal Protector No
    Dust Bag Type Paper Bag
    Antibacterial Protected Dust Container(VC) Yes
    Air Outlet Filter(VC) Sponge Filter
    Hepa Filter Class No
    Power indicator with LED's(VC) No
    Certifications Available GS
    Radius of Operation (m)(VC) 8
    Origin(VC) China
    Operation(VC) Transit
    Supplier(VC) King Clean
    Sales Allowed Countries(VC) East Europe, CIS, Iraq, Jordan, Iran, Libya, Israel, Kuwait, Algeria, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Turkey
    Exclusive Countries for Arçelik Brands TURKEY
    Loading Port Shanghai
    Cable_Length(M) 5.0 cm
    Air Blower function No
    Body Name Terra Cotta
    Carpet Cleaner Nozzle - Large No
    Carpet Cleaner Nozzle - Small No
    Detergent Sample (VC) No
    Energy label (VC) No
    Product Main Color (VC) White
    Spare Paper Bags 1
    Product Documentss